Greg Townley with two guys
Tim Pierce Session

One night, Greg Townley was coming out of his studio in Hollywood and he heard an artist singing in the street. It turned out to be Lesedi Lo-Fi. He said …

Chroma Sampler Vol. 01 album cover
Chroma Vol 1

Chroma made their debut in epic fashion with Sampler Vol. 01, a collection perfect for blockbuster movie trailers.

The company “kickstarts its sonic enterprise with a 65-track showcase album” which …

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Audiomachine: Monolith

Monolith was composed by Kevin Rix and mixed by Greg Townley. It is Kevin Rix’s second solo album for audiomachine, after Millennium.

2013 Trailer Music Awards logo
Trailer Music Awards

In this years Trailer Music Awards, I produced/mixed the top two winners of best track and mixed the winner of best album, as well as receiving an Honorary Award. logo
Sonic Dimension Expanded

Greg Townley is one of Hollywood’s top audio mixers. And to get to the top you’ve got know how to paint incredibly detailed and deep sonic pictures. In this tutorial—the …

Greg Townley’s Sonic Dimension in Mixing tutorial cover photo
Sonic Dimension in Mixing

Creating three dimensional soundscapes is what has made Greg Townley -Hollywood’s premiere mixer and sound designer- famous. In this wonderful tutorial, Sonic Dimension, Greg brings to macProVideo the first of …

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Trailer Music Vibe Interview

There are scores of producers and mixers in the music industry today. However, how often would you say you have come across a one that thinks outside the box? Well, …